A federal judge in Texas has ruled that our all-male military draft registration is unconstitutional

You have to wonder if an American government that would frog-march its young women to the front lines is an American government worth obeying. Well, maybe you have to wonder it; I damn sure don’t.

I have been warning this was coming for years. Bush appointee btw. They are going to draft your daughters for their forever wars. https://t.co/vhxQedkzS4

— Ben Domenech (@bdomenech) February 24, 2019


UPDATE: A friend writes:

Girls, let’s do a refresher course: If you’re going to play a sport (including wrestling) you’ll have to do it against people with a Y chromosome and a penis, and you’ll also have to share bathrooms with those people, and you’ll be drafted into the armed forces to fight the forever wars caused and led almost exclusively by those same people — so when are you going to thank us for rescuing you from the evils of patriarchy?”

Rod Dreher

I have given up on any illusions that I understand the hive mind of this country, but

February 24, 2019

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