No good deed goes unvilified

Before voting in favor of the Traditional Plan” (which reaffirms Biblical sexual morality and toughens procedures against defiant ministers, the evangelical-African coalition of United Methodists voted to let dissidents go with their properties, without the customary court fights that beset dissident congregations in other hierarchical or connectional denominations.

No good deed (a helluva lot better than progressive majorities have treated conservative dissidents in other denominations) goes unvilified:

At this point, there’s a lot of feeling from centrists and from moderates, much less progressives, that the kind of far right conservatives — the Russians, the Africans — they don’t want to be with us. They want to be rid of us. That grieves me, but I think it’s just a reality.

The Rev. James Howell

The magnanimous centrists, moderates and progressives,” in contrast, want the far right conservatives” to stay, held captive by the denomination’s claims on their properties or by reliance on American missionary dollars, all the while enduring insults and calumnies like far right” — until they give up, shut up, and join the apostasy.

February 28, 2019

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