Grownup playground insults

Maggie Haberman puts her finger on why the Republicans sounded a little stupid in their attacks on Cohen.

Barbarro: So while Republicans are largely avoiding talking about the President at all costs in this hearing, in focusing on sullying Cohen’s character and reputation, they may actually be sullying President Trump’s.

Haberman: Correct. They were essentially trying to peel Cohen off from Trump, and what became clear as the efforts went on thoughout the hearing is that that is impossible to do. When you have had somebody serve as a lawyer for Donald Trump, so identified with him publicly over ten years, you can’t take a shot at Cohen and not end up having it richochet onto Trump, too.

(Michael Barbarro and Maggie Haberman, The Daily Podcast, starting at 17:27)

Cohen has left the Thugs for Trump club and passed that baton to certain House Republicans. I would have loved to have been in the strategy session when the House Republicans decided to be incurious about Trump’s sins and crimes but to rip the skin off Cohen.

Were Republican House members enthusiastic or morose as they decided to turn off their own moral circuits, when they decided to be monumentally unconcerned by the fact that their leader may be a moral cretin?

David Brooks

March 1, 2019

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