Merely Christianish

What both sides need to remember is that the point of binding is to set people free to live disciplined and therefore flourishing lives, while the point of loosing is to bind people more closely to the free Spirit of God. Discipline is for freedom; and freedom is for God.

Wesley Hill quoting Sam Wells, on Church controversies that boil down to too much binding” versus too much loosing.”

What should the Church do about merely Christianish members in an age beset by particular sins, which the broader culture excuses or even valorizes, and in which the Christianish participate, seemingly untroubled by conscience? May the Church engage in blanket loosing, or is loosing always individual?

Today, if you avert your gaze but preach against the sin so as to make disciples, you’ll be called mean and judgmental despite the averted gaze.

March 11, 2019

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