Coercion meets its match

[After the Vietnam War and the draft ended] radical progressivism needed an ever-fresh supply of new aggrieved parties to justify its agitation against the old Marxist bugbears of bourgeois values and structural oppression — and incidentally fuel academic careers. Hence, the multiplication of victims into handy intersectional categories.

The delusion that everybody must have a college education finally turned Higher Ed into a racket … [O]utstanding student loan debt is $1.5 trillion, and about 40 percent of it is nonperforming, in euphemistic banker jargon. The student borrowers have been fleeced, many of them financially destroyed for life, and they have only begun to express themselves politically.

The anxiety and remorse behind that dastardly financial behavior, and the prospect of coming institutional ruin, is probably a big factor behind the engineered social justice hysterias that paradoxically made college campuses the most intellectually unfree — and intellectually unsafe! —places in the land. And turned all those college presidents into cowards and cravens ….

James Howard Kunstler, Coercion Meets Its Match

March 22, 2019

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