Whatever the provenance

[Y]ou can’t understand why Sayyid Qutb’s philosophy appeals to young men if you bring a Western mindset, with Western prejudices, to your confrontation with him. I recall reading him and being completely appalled by it, but compelling myself to set aside my reactions and try to understand how these words would sound to an intelligent young man who believed his religion was true, and who was trying to make sense of why, even though he and his people had the True Faith, the Arab Muslim world suffered so much, and the unbelievers (Christians, the West) had triumphed. A lot of what Qutb says about the disintegrating qualities of modernity are simply true. Hell, Marx and Engels were telling the truth in The Communist Manifesto when they observed that industrial capitalism dissolved social bonds, customs, and institutions that had long been thought sacred.

Rod Dreher, explaining that the Truth is true even when it’s uttered by a bad person who makes bad use of it.

March 25, 2019

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