Will Trump pardon Mueller?

… Maybe the president will apologize now for his many months of attacks on the silent Mueller. I’m sorry, Trump might say, I guess you weren’t on a witch hunt after all. I guess you didn’t hire a bunch of partisan hacks, as I repeatedly charged. Thank you for doing your job with honesty and integrity.

Or maybe not.

From the beginning, Mueller’s honor was something the president would never understand, much less appreciate. Though contemporaries, the two men occupy different worlds and always have. As young men, Mueller volunteered for service in Vietnam while Trump conjured a case of bone spurs.” Mueller compiled a stellar academic record; Trump sent his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to threaten any school that might try to make his record public. Mueller devoted his career to his country; Trump was always and only out for himself.

David Von Drehle, Trump owes Mueller an apology

March 25, 2019

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