Boiling it down

Were you relieved or disappointed with the Mueller findings? Be honest.

It’s time for Americans to come together and protect the 2020 elections.

Marc A. Thiessen

Protect the 2020 elections” for me means take seriously the ability of Wikileaks’ sources to hack your systems.” Much as I dislike Facebook and Twitter (I’ve quit Twitter essentially stopped posting on Facebook except for links, including to my own content like this), I don’t think that trolls had measurable effect.

But the Wikileaks releases of Democrat emails, which Trump reportedly cited 160 times in the closing days of the campaign, could fairly plausibly account for the 80,000 votes in his key states that put him over the top in the Electoral College.

So could other things, such as James Comey’s spastic posturing, but one thing at a time ….

March 27, 2019

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