How a 2-seed in Mueller Madness brackets writes

Max Boot, like me, is an embittered ex-Republican, but he is totally deranged about Trump and has a bigger megaphone.

I thought his Tuesday column (Let’s not lose sight of the real scandal: Trump was elected with Russia’s help) was going to be more we weren’t truthful, but we were truthy enough media non-apology. And it is, but I think he’s right about this part:

There would never have been a special counsel in the first place if he had not fired FBI Director James B. Comey and announced that he did so to stop the investigation of the Russia thing.” And there would not have been such a widespread presumption that the president was guilty if he did not act so guilty. No one forced Trump to talk like a mob boss, urging his aides to stay strong” and not turn rat,” while vilifying the FBI agents and prosecutors investigating him. Trump could have earned more favorable media coverage if he had simply refrained from nasty personal attacks and vowed his full cooperation to uncover the Russian plot against the United States.

From there, it’s quickly downhill to this:

Whatever the special counsel found, Trump remains culpable morally and politically for defrauding the electorate to win the presidency.

Boot totally deserves his #2 seeding in the Mueller Madness brackets.

March 27, 2019

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