Who is Jewish?

Just minutes ago, I challenged the author on some obnoxious spin, but it remains true that the Washington Post’s religion coverage is excellent, and this vignette was remarkable:

Anat and Shmuel Carmel, who met as middle schoolers and have been a couple for nearly 10 years, expected they could marry legally. Shmuel’s mother converted to Judaism as a young woman in Romania and immigrated to Israel, where she lived an observant Jewish life and raised her son Jewish. Only when she died did Shmuel learn that the Orthodox rabbinate did not consider her Jewish — because she was deaf, a rabbi told him, she could not properly observe the commandment to hear” the words of Torah, so her conversion was invalid. That meant Shmuel was not Jewish either and did not qualify for marriage.

Julie Zaumer

March 29, 2019

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