I’m no fool, no siree …

Everybody and his uncle’s-second-cousin in Hollywood at the time must have known what the deal was with him but they went along with the gag that he was the reincarnation of Peter Pan, just a harmless character out of Show Biz’s own catalog of manufactured mythology, something they could understand, a framing device to spin cotton candy out of the truth that Mr. Jackson was simply a child-molester.

As The New York Times put it in its coverage of the lurid tale, Jackson’s supporters don’t see it that way. Instead they identify as researchers and activists who view Jackson as a civil rights case.” I suppose the Southern Poverty Law Center will brand the film as a vehicle of hate,” and take up their battle flag. Since every other threshold of sexual behavior and identity has been crossed by now, get ready for the official attempt to normalize pederasty.

Or, just perhaps, Leaving Neverland signals an interesting turning point in the madness that has gripped this country for years, and especially the bewitched, bothered, and bewildered thinking class, lost in its labyrinth of sacred monsters. This year 2019 — and especially the coming springtime — promises to be a time of spectacular reversals in politics, manners, and markets.

James Howard Kunstler.

He wasn’t just a child-molester. He was in that special, extra-privileged-and-untouchable category of molesters who only do boys. There’s a name for that for that kind of molester, but the nexus between that name simpliciter (not adjectival) and pedophilia is hotly contested, so I’ll not type it out.

I’m no fool, no siree ….

March 4, 2019

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