Devil his due

The [Trump] Department of Education took action as well, exploring whether to clarify religious schools’ exemptions from Title IX requirements. Title IX previously had exempted religious educational institutions in cases where compliance would not be consistent with the religious tenets” of the institution. This exemption became worthless, however, when the Obama-era Department of Education began to shame these institutions by publishing the names of religious schools receiving exemptions on a department website. Activist organizations carried the information to a more-than-willing media, questioning, mocking, and harassing the religious convictions of these schools and their students.

The Department of Education under President Trump quickly removed the website listing the exempted schools and reiterated the exemptions, which had been in the law since the passage of the Education Amendments of 1972. Such a simple act was, once again, consistent with Sessions’s guidance: Executive agencies are to implement and apply the law protecting religious liberty that is already on the books.

Fortunately, we no longer need worry about the threats to religious freedom under a possible Hillary Clinton presidency. Whether it has meant reorienting the administrative state to laws properly passed by Congress, making policy adjustments, championing legislative initiatives, putting forward judicial nominees, correcting litigation priorities, or making personnel choices to expand the religious liberty of the people while decreasing the administrative threat, President Trump’s administration has distinguished itself by a commitment to religious freedom in both word and deed.

Jeremy Dys, Trump and Religious Liberty

April 13, 2019

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