I thank Thee, O Lord, that we’re not like Wikileaks

Meanwhile, media talk has turned to whether Assange is really a journalist and if free-speech protections ought to apply to someone who is (allegedly) a criminal first? Despite the recent surge in citizen journalists,” saying you’re a journalist doesn’t make you one. (Granted, some are better than the real” ones.)

The difference between someone like Assange publishing whatever leaks land in his lap and, say, The Post, which published the leaked documents known as the Pentagon Papers, is mostly a lot of worry and process. Most responsible reporters and editors routinely ask themselves questions such as: Should we publish this? Does the public interest override other concerns? Is it justifiable to expose someone’s personal emails and under what circumstances?

One supposes that Assange never bothered himself with such pesky queries. But then, why should he? He is not, after all, a journalist, despite his claiming to be, because he isn’t accountable to anyone. No filters, no standards.

Kathleen Parker

Utterly Pharisaic and unpersuasive.

April 13, 2019

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