I rage, therefore I am

One small caveat: this was posted on April Fools Day, but I think the fools are for real:

In selecting [Heritage Foundation’s Kay Cole] James [for an External Advisory Council], Google is making clear that its version of ethics” values proximity to power over the wellbeing of trans people, other LGBTQ people, and immigrants. Such a position directly contravenes Google’s stated values. Many have emphasized this publicly, and a professor appointed to ATEAC has already resigned in the wake of the controversy.

Following the announcement, the person who took credit for appointing James stood by the decision, saying that James was on the council to ensure diversity of thought.” This is a weaponization of the language of diversity. By appointing James to the ATEAC, Google elevates and endorses her views, implying that hers is a valid perspective worthy of inclusion in its decision making. This is unacceptable.

Googlers Against Transphobia and Hate, H/T Rod Dreher

So diversity of thought is unacceptable. (As Dreher noted, the Crimethought at Heritage bears no discernible relation to the subject of the External Advisory Committee.)

When I was younger, I enjoyed” the burning throat and lungs from smoking, perhaps because it confirmed I was alive. Today, it’s I rage, therefore I am.”

April 2, 2019

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