Shaking off illusions

From The Gospel Coalition, pseudo-Biblical Evangelical bioethical reflection at its shabbiest and most preposterous, from well-known Wayne Grudem.

Also from The Gospel Coalition, a much better effort in the series from two authors (and here is one of the two authors taking on Grudem directly) who tellingly acknowledge the inadequacy of scripture alone to provide coherent answers to the issues involved. I wish every Evangelical would read it.

This thing is, Grudem is much more exemplary of the Bible-only” ruses and misdirection with which I was familiar as an Evangelical, somewhat over forty years ago now. Anderson and Walker (the dual authors), in contrast, are on a path that I think (and hope, as I especially like Anderson) will eventually lead them out of Evangelicalism, to a place where they will shake their heads and ask What took us so long to shake off our illusions?”

April 30, 2019

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