They must think we’re stupid

Mr. Nadler insists the point of his subpoena fusillade is to obtain evidence” as part of his investigation” into abuses of power” by Mr. Trump. This is obviously untrue, as evidenced by Mr. Nadler’s dogged, daily efforts to make sure he does not obtain any information of value.

Already, on April 18, Mr. Barr made available to senior members of Congress the opportunity to view a version of the report more complete than the one released to the public. It contains the minimum redactions required by law—only 1.5% is redacted material, compared with about 10% for the public version. Mr. Nadler could have weeks ago obtained a flurry of new detail about Mr. Mueller’s investigations and evidence. But neither he nor any other Democrat has visited the Justice Department to view the fuller report.

Mr. Nadler instead issued a subpoena that included a poison pill, a demand that guaranteed noncompliance. Mr. Barr cannot provide secret grand-jury material; it is illegal. Mr. Nadler, a lawyer, knows this. He could have issued a subpoena assuring him tons of new material; he instead deliberately issued one that assures him none.

Kimberley A. Strassel, What Nadler Really Wants

May 10, 2019

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