Opposing a law that lets wrongthought off the hook

[On May 23], the Alabama House of Representatives approved a bill that would end the requirement that marriages must be solemnized with some sort of a ceremony and the state will no longer issue licenses giving two people permission to marry. Instead, the state will simply record that a marriage exists.

Brandon Moseley, Alabama Political Reporter. Roy Moore objected that the Bill was:

founded on a craven capitulation to an illegitimate Supreme Court decision that defiles the institution of marriage. All legislators of conscience should reject it. Alabama Supreme Court decisions, both before and after the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision, require Alabama probate judges to respect the state Constitution’s definition of marriage as a unique relationship between a man and a woman.

Some Democrats objected, too, because it let some of their enemies off the hook:

Many Alabama probate judges found officiating at same-sex marriage ceremonies morally repugnant and an affront to God’s law. They no longer have to officiate any wedding ceremonies as part of their job.

It’s a helluva deal when people vote against an attempted win-win solution soley because they want the other side to lose and to be morally humiliated or left jobless by the loss.

(H/T GetReligion)

May 30, 2019

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