Georgian fertility

Every major politician in Georgia supported the church-led push for more babies. The man who made the big religious push has a 94 percent approval rating in Georgia. While Georgia’s political environment has been contentious in recent years, debates over external security, terrorism, corruption, NATO membership, Russia, and the possibility of a restored monarchy are all more important than rancorous debates about populism vs. elitism, or feuds over what it means to be Georgian. Georgians basically agree on what it means to be Georgian, and they basically agree there need to be more baby Georgians.

Lyman Stone (emphasis added)

In a week, God willing, I’ll be there.

The man who made the big religious push” is probably a reference to the Orthodox Patriarch, who pledged to be the godfather of the third or subsequent child born to any married couple. He now has, if memory serves (it so seldom does any more), something like 170,000 godchildren.

May 4, 2019

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