Trashing Barr

I only occasioinally read Hugh Hewitt’s columns, probably because he has slipped pretty far in my esteem as a keen observer and commentator. But this one resonates with just a bit of dissonance:

As the old Peter Pan song warns, Never smile at a crocodile.” Don’t mess with them or try to trick them — and definitely don’t trash their hard-won reputations.

Barr and McConnell are the essence of the Constitution-first, long-game GOP. They come from the same part of the party that has maintained an uneasy coalition with Trump since his upset victory. The attorney general is widely respected on the center-right as a scholar and principled man: brilliant, unflappable and purposeful. So, too, does he boast support from those who trusted Mueller to find no collusion where none existed: the Beltway establishment GOP.

In trashing Barr — just as they trashed now-Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh — Democrats have run up their colors, unfurling their pirate flag. It isn’t about opposing Trump; it’s about destroying anyone who opposes their ideas.

Even if you never could bring yourself to bet on Trump, bet on McConnell and Barr. Neither man shows much anger, ever. But resolve is now everywhere evident.

I guess my approval is another way of saying I think the trashing of Barr is herd-mind at its worst and undeserved.”

May 6, 2019

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