Dangerous People, Gestapo Tactics

There was a lawsuit to overturn the famous Hyde Amendment. Plaintiffs submitted an affidavit about shadowing Henry Hyde, observing him going to Mass every morning, acting piously in church, and such, thus attempting to prove that Hyde couldn’t separate religion from politics. Apparently, they thought that sufficient to strike down the law. The affidavit was thrown out by the judge, but Hyde was furious:

The anger I felt when they tried to disenfranchise me because of my religion stayed with me. These are dangerous people who make dangerous arguments. Some powerful members of the cultural elite in our country are so paralyzed by the fear that theistic notions might reassert themselves into the official activities of government that they will go to Gestapo lengths to inhibit such expression.

Chuck Colson, Kingdoms in Conflict, 1987, p. 219

August 14, 2019

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