A defense of James Comey

When a president summons the FBI director to demand loyalty, and then urges the director during a second conversation to drop a criminal investigation against an ally, we are not in the normal territory of FBI rules and procedures.

… Once Trump had fired Comey, what unfolded was a near-singular moment of crisis inside the FBI and the executive branch. Comey believed his firing was likely an attempt by the president to obstruct justice. He was the nation’s top investigative cop and yet was suddenly out of his job. It was genuinely unclear how things would play out and which institutions or public servants could be relied on to do their duty in the public’s interest.

A huge fire had broken out, and Horowitz is now castigating Comey for using a noncompliant fire extinguisher.

Harry Litman, James Comey helped save democracy when he wrote his memos.

August 31, 2019

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