Evangelical thought

In [Mark Noll’s] view evangelical thought is best understood as a tissue of unexamined assumptions arising from early nineteenth century American values. Those values included revivalism, separation of church and state, political republicanism, social democracy, economic free enterprise, philosophical realism, and patriotic nationalism. Evangelical thinking suffered additional damage from the disaster of fundamentalism.” In its holiness/pentecostal form, fundamentalism encouraged morbid inwardness; in its dispensationalist form, it fostered wooden literalism and an unhealthy preoccupation with predicting the future.

The search for a Christian mind is not, in the end,” he tells us, a search for mind but a search for God.” Evangelicals purport to speak biblical truth, but in fact sold their soul to American culture long ago. The lips are Esau’s but the voice is Jacob’s.

Grant Wacker

September 20, 2019

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