Mike Pence, hypocrite

WASHINGTON — A GOP group critical of President Donald Trump is now targeting Vice President Mike Pence to call out what it considers corruption in the administration.

An ad airing on MSNBCs Morning Joe” Thursday accuses Pence of hypocrisy for not objecting to foreign governments’ spending at Trump hotels after having criticized the Clinton Foundation for accepting donations from foreign governments when Hillary Clinton was secretary of State.

I do think it’s a legitimate point to be made,” said [Peter] Rusthoven, an Indianapolis lawyer who worked in the Reagan administration. This is the kind of thing that, as the vice president’s own video clips from the campaign show, Republicans were outspoken about during the Clinton years.”

Pence’s top aide dismissed the group, saying the only constituency for the Never Trump” Republicans is the liberal media.

Oh. I guess rank hypocrisy is okay if nobody but liberals is interested in it.

September 20, 2019

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