Roy Cohn did the impossible

Mr. Tyrnauer had no sooner decided to make Mr. Cohn his next documentary subject than he dismissed the idea, telling himself that it will never be financed because Donald Trump is not going to win the election. And the only real reason to make this movie would be if Trump wins because then it would be very pertinent and we would get financing in an instant. But thank God, Hillary is going to win and we’ll never have to think about Roy Cohn again and he will be consigned to Angels in America’ and that’s how the world will know him and we’ll sail off happily into the sunset of a Hillary Clinton presidency.”

Roy Cohn did the impossible,” Mr. Tyrnauer said. He created a president from beyond the grave. I don’t think there’s any disputing that. The basic lessons that Trump learned from Cohn were: Never apologize. If someone hits you, hit them back a thousand times harder. Any publicity is good publicity. And find an other.’”

Maureen Dowd

September 20, 2019

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