A greater threat

A reader writes about using the Duolingo app to help her kids with their Latin:

We are a homeschooling Catholic family, and, like many other traditionally-minded Catholics, we were excited to see that Duolingo is now offering Latin lessons (we’ve done three years of Memoria Press but are doing Spanish this year and wanted to use Duolingo to keep up our Latin skills). Anyhow, I don’t know if you’ve ever used Duolingo, but you have to complete lessons on certain topics before you can advance to the next level. I began the unit about the family this morning and have now hit a roadblock.


Because two of the sentences you have to translate from Latin to English are:

Femina uxorem habet” and Maritus maritum habet” (which translate as The woman has a wife” and The husband has a husband.”

I can’t advance until I complete these sentences. And I won’t. I’ve been filling the translation boxes first with admonitions and then with gobbledygook.


You can hardly escape this stuff. Even in Latin tutorials, they’re advocating for the Sexual Revolution.

Believe what you want to believe about Ukrainian diplomacy, health care policy, immigration, and so forth. There is almost nothing more fundamental to a society than the way it regards males and females. Does it not trouble you even a little bit that we can’t have a public discussion about transgenderism beyond talking about whether it’s one of the greatest things in history, or absolutely the greatest thing in history? Douglas Murray tells horrific stories about how feminists and others have been smashed by trans campaigners and their allies, simply for raising uncomfortable questions, or objecting to trans claims.

There’s something extremely sinister going on here, and it’s not just the totalitarian silencing of debate. It’s creepy things like Drag Queen Story Hour, and Mattel’s training children to normalize genderfluidity through playing with certain toys. Elite culture is massively screwing up a generation of children, and our political, business, academic, and cultural leadership is making it happen.

The Republican Party is almost useless here, because none of them will stand up openly for common sense. But I’ll take almost over what the Democrats offer. All the Democratic presidential candidates, and the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, support the Equality Act, which writes transgender ideology into federal law. The Republicans do not. That’s not nothing. In fact, it’s about the only thing ordinary people have left to protect them from the state forcing this ideology onto them.

People who wonder why Christian conservatives, and other social conservatives, are not willing to give Trump up despite his awful behavior in office ought to stop and think about this. The Democratic Party is on record supporting a federal law that declares sex is whatever an individual claims it to be. This law would have serious consequences. It would mean that the Sexual Revolution (cleverly characterized by Michael Hanby as the technological revolution applied to the body) has at last become a totalitarian project.

The left has created a world in which physicians and schoolteachers conspire against parents to jack their children up with hormones and prepare them to mutilate their bodies in a vain effort to become the opposite sex. For those on the left who have already accepted the ideology, this is a righteous cause. For those who have not, and who see it as their responsibility to protect their children from this madness, it’s difficult to see why Trump’s personal corruption is a greater threat to the social order than this.

Rod Dreher (emphasis added)

September 28, 2019

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