Keeping up his ministerial credentials

Billy Graham’s multi-adulterous grandson Tullian Tchividjian has begun pastoring another church, in defiance of admonition that his real repentance would have him in the pew, under authority, rather than in the pulpit as an authority.

But that’s okay. Because his former church is graceless, unlike the radical Lutherans he has joined:

Traditionally, Christians have considered sin, death, and the devil their enemies. But in Tchividjian’s writing and preaching, as is often the case with those influenced by Radical Lutheranism, other Christians become the enemy. Sin, on the other hand, becomes a friend, as it is the means by which one comes to appreciate the gospel.

As Tchividjian said in a recent sermon, It’s always the immoral person who gets the Gospel before the moral person.”

Christopher Jackson

Sophistry is alive and well. I assume that Tchividjian will continue burnishing his ministerial credentials, with a clear conscience and with other men’s wives, all to the end that grace may abound.

September 5, 2019

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