I join Julia Duins caveat that McKrae Game is on a PR campaign and that the reporting I’ve read is little more than his personal press release.

I’d wager a modest amount that either (a) Game’s got a book or something in the works and is ginning up PR or (b) he’s under investigation for something really sleazy and he’s framing a counterattack that he’s the real victim of an anti-gay crusade.

My basis is watching his video, which I’ll not characterize (though I could) beyond seems phony.”

I am not challending Game because I believe in the sorts of programs he claims to have run. You can look that up..

I say the reporting is lousy for the reasons Duin adduces but also because a reporter who refers to the likes of Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham” is not very discerning (and embarrasses her employer, whose religion coverage I’ve repeatedly praised).

September 6, 2019

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