Decorum is not his long suit

I have been amazed at how consistently — nay, relentlessly and zestfully — James Howard Kunstler, a man of the left, has criticized the attacks on Donald Trump, albeit without actually defending Trump. Todays introduction affords a particularly colorful and articulate example:

The Golden Golem of Greatness shifted into mad bull overdrive for last night’s Minneapolis fan rally, cussing and bellowing at the picadors of the Left who have been sticking lances in his neck for three years. Decorum is not Mr. Trump’s strong suit, but then the bull is not sent into the ring to negotiate politely for his life. The narrative of the bullring is certain death. The bull must do what he can within his nature to dispute it.

It’s in Mr. Trump’s nature to act the part of a reality TV star, and, of course, it is the nature of reality TV shows to be unreal. That is perhaps the ruling paradox of life in the USA these days. Saturated in unreality, the spectators (also called voters”) flounder through a relentless barrage of narratives aimed at confounding them, with the unreal expectation that they can make sense of unreal things ….

Of course, the eventuality of all this is economic collapse, which Kunstler has immanentized for the decade or so I’ve followed him. Some day, I think he’ll be right, but in Trumpworld that seems like just one more damn thing, not like something life-changing.

October 11, 2019

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