Beto, an otherwise unemployable moron

Now, when I hear the words otherwise unemployable morons,” I think of Robert Francis O’Rourke and his sad little presidential campaign, which suffered a little setback on Tuesday night when the gentleman who advertises himself as Beto” tried out some tough-guy shtick on Pete Buttigieg, who is, whatever else you can say about him, a veteran of the Afghanistan campaign, one who rightly pointed out that he doesn’t have to prove his courage” to the idiot son of a well-connected El Paso political family who has done almost nothing with his life …

You’ll notice a pattern emerging here. When O’Rourke encounters something that makes him uncomfortable, his instinct is always the same: Send federal agents to stick guns in somebody’s face until he gets his way. (And if you think the IRS is something other than a gun in your face, try declining to pay your taxes for a few years.)

O’Rourke’s politics — and the politics of the Left more generally — are increasingly totalitarian. Totalitarian” is not only a scary-sounding adjective. It is a word that actually means something, and what it describes is a theory of government that recognizes no sphere of truly private life, no life outside the state — one that sees the scope of the state as total, hence the term.

Totalitarianism is in fashion on the Left ….

Kevin D. Williamson, who seems to have developed a particular contempt for Beto.

October 16, 2019

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