Disgraced, and he knows it

[Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo was taught, just as I learned as a commissioned officer, that you stand up for your subordinates, especially when you know they are right but are under attack because they might have rubbed some high-ranking horse’s ass the wrong way.

A strong leader, Pompeo must have learned, doesn’t cave under pressure, look the other way or throw subordinates under the bus.

To do anything less shows a lack of moral fortitude. Anything less, and as a leader you are marginalized.

Pompeo let Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, run roughshod over his department. He stood by while Giuliani, slinging around unfounded and false claims, campaigned against [Marie] Yovanovitch.

He capitulated to the unreasonable demand that she be removed from her post.

Mike Pompeo might earn plenty of attaboys” from Trump. But Pompeo, as secretary of state, let down his department and disgraced himself in the process.

Colbert I. King

October 21, 2019

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