Common Cause

I see no empathy for women and girls on the part of trans activists, that is to say, those pushing gender identity ideology and legislation,” [Meghan] Murphy said last year. What I see is bullying, threats, ostracization, and a misogynist backlash against the feminist movement and much of the work it’s accomplished over years.” She was speaking to Woman’s Place UK, a group that opposes efforts to supplant sex with gender identity” in antidiscrimination laws.

Her dissent on transgenderism has attracted the attention of right-leaning publications like National Review and the Spectator. She told a reporter in May that she’s not comfortable” making common cause with conservatives, but allowed that they are willing to engage.” Increasingly they seem to be the only ones who are.

Michael Taube, The Left Targets One of Its Own

October 28, 2019

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