Interesting vignette

Rod Dreher joins the derisive chorus against the Washington Post for calling Abu Bakr al-Baghadi Austere Religious Scholar at helm of Islamic State.” His first (and thus far only, because Dreher is traveling abroad) commenter demurs:

I want less moralizing from news outlets all over the map, in general. I don’t want conservative news outlets telling me that Al Baghdadi is evil Islamic Terrorist” and I don’t want the liberal news outlets telling me that Eastern European countries are currently run by Evil Fascists. I want my news to be as bland, objective and value free as possible, so I can make my own judgments. And yes, that includes when it comes to people that you might find the epitome of evil (because don’t forget, the liberals have their own stable of evil epitomes).

Have we as a country decided just to throw the old ideal of objectivity out the window because it’s, I dunno, not sexy enough or something?

October 28, 2019

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