The University of Iowa Bozos

If they keep this up, it’s goodbye Hawkeyes, hello Bozos.

I’m strongly opposed to what the University of Iowa did to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (of which my wife and I are alums, albeit on another campus) and very pleased that the Judge is requiring the University to pay IVCFs legal fees.

But GetReligion just proved its value today by pointing out that what the University did was not what RNS (Religious News Service) said or implied, which arguably made the University look even worse than it was.

Basically, the University did not say that a Christian organization on its campus couldn’t require its leaders to be Christians, but that it couldn’t require them to be the kind of Christian the University considers yucky.

I actually can’t decide if that’s not quite as bad or slightly worse.

October 8, 2019

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