First Person Pity Party

I don’t intend to set Google alerts on Chasten Buttigieg” and then carve the fellow up repeatedly until Mayor Pete’s not a contender any more. But it sounds to me like he has decided that he needs to, um, embellish just how gosh-darn hard it was growing up gay in a barely Christianish family in Traverse City, MI. His brothers deny several of his claims.

But pity plays, and Chasten’s trying to organize a pity party:

Once, when he was getting picked on in the hallway, he remembers [his brother] Dustin stepping in and throwing his tormentor against a locker. He told him not to mess with his brother again, then immediately walked away, according to Chasten.

I don’t think he wanted his brother to be hurt, and he probably was embarrassed that somebody probably thought that I was gay,” Chasten said.

Don’t think,” probably” and probably.” Sounds like a less than totally airtight case of family homophobia.

November 17, 2019

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