Punch, counterpunch

Say whatever nasty thing you like about Donald Trump, and it’s probably true. A lot of it may also be true about the Republican Party. But for all their sins and failings, they don’t hate churches and church people, and they don’t try to destroy businesses that donate to church causes, and and they don’t despise and silence women who say that penis-bearers aren’t actually women. That counts for a lot. Hell, the crazy Left is even making a secular Democrat in Massachusetts consider voting for Trump, just because he’s sick of these vicious progressive Puritans.

Rod Dreher, sounding one of his recurring themes.

His point has punch, but I want to counterpunch:

They hate. They punch down, at Latinos and Muslims especially. Donald Trump doesn’t hate Evangelicals only because they suck up to him. He doesn’t particularly hate other Christians because he doesn’t know the difference. He is utterly toxic and cannot open his mouth without lying. His narcissism distorts his perceptions and his reasoning. He tries to find ways to punish opponents. He is being impeached quite justly, for acts that betray the nation’s interests in favor of his own.

In the long run, I think Trump is worse for the country than some of the Democrat alternatives, though I freely admit I could be wrong.

I could go on. I don’t like keeping grudge lists, but I’m keeping one on Trump precisely so I can resist the Cynics’ Siren Songs next year.

We are in a terrible bind having to choose among this lot of creeps, but I won’t let myself forget the creepiness of the guy who happens not to hate me and mine.

November 20, 2019

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