Atlantic Alliance aggresssion

Sorry if I sound a bit monomaniacal the last few days. I’m learning new things, being reminded of older things, and passing along potential myth-busters. But I think I’ve pretty well exhausted this vein for now.

[I]n the increasingly tense relationship between the Atlantic Alliance and Russia, the Alliance has been the more aggressive player—aggressive when it pushed for NATOs eastward expansion despite promises to the contrary from the highest levels of the U.S. government; aggressive when it turned that policy into an even more provocative plan for the encirclement of Russia; aggressive when it dangled the prospect of NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia; aggressive when it sought to lure Ukraine out of the Russian orbit with economic incentives; aggressive when it helped foster the street coup against a duly elected Ukrainian government; and aggressive in its continued refusal to appreciate or acknowledge Russia’s legitimate geopolitical interests in its own neighborhood.

Robert W. Merry. In several ways, this could have been the hub of a lot of my postings — or for your own explorations.

November 26, 2019

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