Trump Derangement Dims Dems’ 2020 Prospects

The worst job in journalism must be coming up with a snappy, concise headline for Thomas B. Edsall’s nuanced New York Times columns.

Today’s column was a real tightrope walk, and the editor fell off to the left with Trump Has a Gift for Tearing Us Apart.”

A better headline would have been Trump Derangement Dims Dems’ 2020 Prospects,” because the center of gravity of the story is that Trump has driven Democrats to bizarre extremes of support for porous borders while barely changing Republican opposition to immigration. But admitting that Democrats are playing the reactionary role today, and are veering to extremes, does not fit the Times narrative.

I highly recommend the column, though I’ve given up (mostly) on assuming that my visceral reactions are typical of most Americans.

December 11, 2019

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