Some strange madness

On the left today, pseudo-women are more important than actual women … Note well that the media coverage of the event has almost entirely been framed as a famous writer causing pain to her trans and trans-supportive fans. The encouragement Rowling’s stance has given to feminists and others who do not accept gender ideology has been ignored by the media.

Rod Dreher (hyperlink added). When you think — actually stop and think — about how benign J.K. Rowling’s Tweet was (basically, peace be upon you all, but don’t force women out of their jobs for expressing gender-critcal thoughts or convictions), histrionics like those in the New York Times and Washingtom Post are preposterous proofs that a madness has taken hold of some trans and trans-supportive minds.

It appears that the only harm that counts is the very remote threat of violence against gender-nonconforming people, and that the real and tangible harm to people like Maya Forstater is just trivial collateral damage.

That nobody on the pro-trans side is saying the judge’s decision upholding the adverse job action toward Maya Forstater is extreme and should (or will) be reversed” is telling. The actual response illustrates Rod Dreher’s Law of Merited Impossibility.

December 22, 2019

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