Pompeo lies

There is almost no official in the world more committed to excusing the abuses and crimes of the Saudi government than Mike Pompeo. So spare me the snow job about how Pompeo is making religious freedom a human rights priority in U.S. foreign policy. To believe that requires ignoring and burying mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Religious freedom is more of a useful talking point for Pompeo than a meaningful commitment. He considers it extremely important as long as it is politically convenient.

Daniel Larison

Larison and I can be pretty sensitive about this, because the Christians that Pompeo doesn’t care about are mosly our kinds of Christians — Christians with 2000 year roots instead of 200 year roots — who Trumpist Evangelicals generally don’t care about.

So part of me thinks If Trump gets voted out and Evangelicals get shat on by the new Democrat administration, it will kinda sorta serve them right.” The other part of me gives to ADF and, even more, to Becket Fund.

December 26, 2019

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