How committed crackpots win

Social-justice types tell society to #BelieveAllWomen. Yet gender-critical feminists are supposed to keep quiet, acquiesce, give in to those who call them bigots, transphobes and TERFs.” We’re supposed to believe that we’re the bad guys, and applaud the doctors performing invasive, sterilizing surgery on the healthy bodies of our daughters and sisters. We’re supposed to be cool” with that, and to make room in our parades for hulking women” who instruct us on how to be allies, who we should want to sleep with, and what we’re allowed to wear, lest we exclude” them with, say, a pussy hat, or proclaiming ourselves same-sex-attracted lesbians.

Psseudonymous Susan” in Libby Emmons, We Gender-Critical’ Feminists Pay a Price for Speaking Out. But the Price of Silence is Higher.

More (from Emmons):

A prominent writer privately confessed last week that she is terrified to speak up about the issue, because she believes it will cost her freelance assignments at progressive outlets. It’s just insane,” she wrote in a private message. I’m half tempted to just tweet out full support [for Rowling] on principle, but am totally aware that it’s simply not worth the backlash. I’m literally afraid to express an opinion held by like 95% of the population.”

Afraid to express an opinion held by 95% of the population. That’s how 5% or fewer of committed revolutionaries win, even with propositions that are quite mad.

December 30, 2019

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