Long live Frenchism!

After David French responded to Donald Trump’s defilement of the National Prayer Breakfast, he implores Trump’s Christian enablers:

Then, Trump spoke. At the outset he said, Arthur, I don’t know if I agree with you” and proceeded to do exactly what Trump does—hate on his enemies. He aired his grievances against political opponents in personally insulting terms, at length. But none of this is truly news. This is what the president does, day after day, on Twitter, during rallies, and to the press. It’s been a core theme of his presidency and, before that, his candidacy. When many of his most zealous Christian defenders say that he fights,” this is exactly what they’re talking about.

… [M]illions of Christians have not just decided to hire a hater to defend them from haters and to hire a liar to defend them from liars, they actively ignore, rationalize, minimize, or deny Trump’s sins. They do this in part because they can’t bring themselves to face the truth about Trump and in part because they know it is difficult to build and sustain a political movement if you’re constantly (or even frequently) criticizing the misconduct of its leader. To criticize Trump even a quarter of the time he does something wrong would be to unleash a constant drumbeat of criticism against the man they hope to re-elect.

I fully recognize what I’m saying. I fully recognize that refusing to hire a hater and refusing to hire a liar carries costs. If we see politics through worldly eyes, it makes no sense at all. Why would you adopt moral standards that put you at a disadvantage in an existential political struggle? If we don’t stand by Trump we will lose, and losing is unacceptable.

… [B]y God’s grace, I will love my enemies, and I will not hire anyone to hate them on my behalf.

I thought even before 2020 that the National Prayer Breakfast had become a pretty dubious proposition, but it had never before sunk to the level Trump dragged it to.

February 9, 2020

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