Reflections on the daily coronavirus press conference:

  1. He. Just. Doesn’t. Know. When. To. STFU. We are not going to totally” defeat this short of a 100%-effective vaccine with univerrsal vaccination. Ain’t gonna happen. Likewise his other continuing (if diminishing) hyperbolic promises.
  2. I’d like to know the affiliations of the reporters who think their job is bear-baiting. Telling Trump that it’s racist to call coronavirus the Chinese virus,” or askikng him to comment on the low polling numbers on his credibility, is not going to elicit useful information. All it will elicit is utterly cumulative evidence that Trump is an incurable prickly narcissist and liar. The Press needs to stop that sh_t.
  3. Our success in getting out coronavirus tests because of a public-private partnership” means the public finally told the private, grudgingly, okay, if you’ve got a test you can use it.”
March 18, 2020

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