Just plain evil

[Trump’s] lawsuit [against the New York Times] also plainly aims to chill freedom of speech and freedom of the press when it comes to Trump. During the 2016 campaign, he threatened to sue all the women who had spoken out about his sexual misconduct. Before that he sued a journalist for $5 billion (and lost), later explaining, I did it to make his life miserable, which I’m happy about.” Asked this week about his campaign’s lawsuit, Trump threatened that there’ll be more coming.”

The Supreme Court warned in Sullivan that political figures could wield defamation suits to silence would-be critics.” Trump is making that a reality …

Trump’s lawsuit may be frivolous. His intentions are serious — and dangerous to us all.

Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., Why Trump’s libel lawsuit against the New York Times will go nowhere.

Had a mentioned recently how just plain evil Trump is?

March 2, 2020

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