How do you sleep at night?

I had about twenty uncles and all of them were Republicans. They equated Republicanism with competence and common sense. Watching the nightly news, it is no longer possible to see Republicanism in that way. It’s the party of autocratic impulse, cynicism and anger. None of my uncles would recognize it anymore. In the Eisenhower administration, Trump would be ambassador to Liechtenstein.

… On the Titanic, a passenger stood on deck that night and thought, The old man doesn’t know what he’s doing and there will be dozens of books written about this and I won’t live to read them.” I hope to live long enough to read about this disaster.

Garrison Keillor, How do you sleep at night? Here’s how..

Pretty good, except I don’t think Ike would have appointed Donald Trump to anything.

April 21, 2020

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