Press fetish

An example of press unreliability is NPRs focus on the McMichael vigilantes who shot Ahmaud Abery not facing hate crime charges.

I am much more interested in the facts; the shameful inaction of authorities for months; the credulousness expressed about the McMichaels’ factual account of events; the special prosecutor’s misapplication of citizen arrest and self-defense laws to whitewash things as he sullenly stepped away from the case; the circumstances that brought forward the cell phone video that revived the case and that may lead to prosecution of the cameraman as an accomplice — anything, just about, other than the damn fetish about hate crime laws.

UPDATE: David French mentions in passing how the video got out: a private attorney leaked it, after law enforcement ignored the evidence it had put right under their noses for months.

Officials of Brunswick Georgia: Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

May 10, 2020

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