Gibberish, or darned close

Democrats Accuse Conservatives of a Dark Money’ Bid to Influence Judges is embarrassingly bad reporting:

  1. The Federalist Society, which advocates strictly interpreting the Constitution according to what conservatives say was its original meaning ….” Well, someone needs to, but I don’t think the Federalist Society advocates for anything.
  2. ‘At the end of the day, the Federalist Society is at the center of a network of dark-money-funded conservative organizations whose purpose is to influence court composition and outcomes,’ said the letter ….” What letter? There has been no prior mention of a letter. To whom?
  3. The ethics panel had proposed the ban in January ….” What ethics panel? You hadn’t said anything about any ethics panel. So was this a letter to somebody’s ethics panel”?

The New York Times is so eager to feed the McCarthyite crusade, led by Sheldon Whitehouse, to cow the Courts, that it can’t be troubled to write coherently.

May 13, 2020

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