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Remix to our Song Quarantine on the Album NO ENEMIES.


this is live from the center of the self-imposed quarantine
mountain ranges gorgeous
contrasting with the horror scenes in hospitals
turn to the authorities?
ventilators finite supply so now the stocks are low

stocks are low
alleged leaders irresponsible
narcissistic tantrums run amok until my thoughts explode
soccer stadiums and hockey rinks turn into ICUs
the anchorman announces his infection on the nightly news

and now the camera man’s been eulogized
scuba-diver gear for all occasions
alcoholics saving everclear for the sanitizer
evangelizers blind to revelations
but it was never clearer who the antichrist is

in a crisis
praying for a righteous few right hand advisors
but no time to fantasize
so planet-wide we panic buy
but if you dream of genocide
prepare to see your war machines destroyed
and soldiers redeployed to bedsides for the quarantine

and from bed -sty to the Florida keys
lord please provide some respite
or Jesus christ some test kits
because we’re losing patience fast
we’re losing patients fast
nurses child hand stitching diapers into facial masks

now entire nations stand
ovations from the balcony
the outcome we design
sword to plowshare is the alchemy
don’t ever doubt that even less then 10 can form a crowd
and speak
and salvage life from death’s grip
and change the world palpably

so stay the hell home
clean your cell phone
bury seeds
cultivate sustainability from solidarity
and mutual assistance
calling out the price gouge
stalling all evictions
unless it’s from the white house

now focus on the frontline response and disadvantaged
to go beyond the bunker flags turn into bandanas
let’s purify the planet
let’s revoke the dirty standards
one cough can make Ivanka Trump vote for Bernie Sanders

credits released May 20, 2020 Mixed and Mastered by Brandon Whalen

I don’t even know what genre this song is. It’s tagged alternative, alternative hip-hop, rap & hip-hop, Denver”.

May 21, 2020

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