Bret: We knew from the moment Donald Trump won that we were destined for a national crisis like this one. It’s what you get when you elect someone who specializes in division, denigration, diminishment and debasement. He’s incapable of summoning the better angels of our nature. He makes everything worse …

Gail: President Trump probably has the worst-president-in-history thing wrapped up. Every time there’s a new crisis I’m floored by his ability to turn it into a story about him, him, him.

When he was responding to George Floyd’s death I really did not expect him to point out how many votes he got in Minnesota in 2016. This inability to divorce anything in world affairs from himself just makes me crazy.

Bret Stephens and Gail Collins, Opinion | Donald Trump Is Lost in Space - The New York Times (emphasis added).

Yes, exactly yes. I knew that Trump was unlikely to enjoy four years without a crisis, and that his narcissistic inability to see a crisis for what it is—i.e., something in the cosmos that is not about himself—was likely to ramify disastrously. Only the identity of the crisis and the details of ensuing disaster were a mystery.

Anyone with eyes, ears and one college psyche class could have figured that out.

June 2, 2020

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