Stop improving” things, please

The darkest moments of the modern world have come as a result of various plans to improve” things … The Modern state found its first great champion in the efficiencies of 19th century Prussia (later Germany). Rationality was elevated to new heights, not just on the philosophical level, but across the board. The result was an efficient state, an effective army, and a policy of improvement for the world that created two world wars, genocide and a legacy of darkness that has yet to be dissipated. Other visions of a better world sought to remove the irrationality of religion and any number of other messy” human pursuits. And although it is popular among the new atheists to blame religion for human conflict, religion is purely amateur when compared to the ruthless efficiencies of the rationalized state.

The sad drama of contemporary Christianity is marked by the improvements” of productivity” and effectiveness.” Better” Church has given us increasingly silly and ill-invented forms of the Christian faith.

Messiness in the Modern World - Glory to God for All Things

August 4, 2020

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