I just don’t get this. Really.

Jessica Krug, a left-wing African history professor at George Washington University, resigned Wednesday after admitting she lied about being black for most of her career in academia. Commentary’s Noah Rothman has some insights as to how such a woke professor was able to get away with such an outrageous lie for so long. A survey of some of the material she was expostulating explains why she coasted under the radar,” Rothman explains. Krug was saying what her colleagues wanted to hear, and what they want to hear is apologia for violent radicalism.”

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I do not understand this.

She lied” about a pigment of the imagination (I am aware that this dismissive characterization may not be applicable in, say, medical contexts where people of different ancestries have different disease propensities) because she knew it would be professionally advantageous to be black at an institution that denies that it’s professionally advantageous to be black at that institution.

If I were to take offense, it would be at all the ancillary biographical lies she told — things that, unlike race,” were demonstrably false.

September 10, 2020

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